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Naturia is a Sri Lankan manufacturing brand founded in 2020 with one vision in mind, “Introducing a natural way of life to Sri Lanka” to reduce the usage of imported beauty and wellness products full of harmful chemicals. Naturia let you feel beautiful, look beautiful and be beautiful inside and out. Our main focus is on your happiness and wellness. We bring you the natural remedies hidden in the nature. That’s why we are called “Naturia”.

We have introduced a fully organic unisex body lotions product line to be suitable for various type of skins to enhance the natural beauty and repair damaged skin. Naturia also presents an ayurvedic oil range extracted from natural plants with the aid of traditional Ayurvedic secrets for miracle remedies. This contain a hair growth oil to stimulate hair growth and gives a healthy beautiful hair and a pain relief oil which is an Ayurvedic remedy that can quickly take away your pains which is made from 100% natural herbal ingredients. Also, Naturia brings you organic capsules range which contain dehydrated natural elements for suitable for various conditions including weight loss, nail and hair beauty, stress reducing, detoxing and etc.

All our products are carefully manufactured under supervision of specialists for the highest quality and are registered in Department of Ayurveda Sri Lanka. This is why more than 25,000 Sri Lankan customers are trusting us.

So come join with us for "Eternal Wellness" and see the healthy difference.

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